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The latest trends in Bridegroom menswear for 2011

31 March 2011 No Comment

Who said that only the bride has to fret about being in step with the current bridal trends when planning her wedding and selecting the perfect dress? It is equally important from a bridegroom to look the part, and that is only possible if he follows the advice of the fashion gurus in the field. Styles come and go out of fashion and yet there are certain elements that will always stay in vogue no matter what. Therefore it is important to look through all the current trends in bridal fashion and to keep yourself updated in case you are planning to tie the knot some time soon. Gone are the days when all eyes would be glued only on the stunning bride, these days equal attention is paid to the groom as well, in terms of just about everything that he chooses to wear on the big day.

It is a known fact that a man will only got for the suit or tuxedo that he is comfortable in, and that is by far the most important factor; being comfortable. This is because, if he is not comfortable in what he is wearing, he is bound to make thousands of dollars worth of suit look like something from a second hand sales shop. As discussed earlier though, there are certain elements in menswear that keeping popping in and out of fashion with intervals. By far the hottest trend in term of accessories is skinny ties.

Wear the suit that you are comfortable in, accompanied by a classic skinny tie in order to complete the look. The best thing about these ties is the fact that they look great on just about any body type, so you don’t have to worry about that.

There are designers across the world, who keep introducing their lines in menswear and therefore, it is difficult to say which particular type of suit is in for the season, because every designer has something different to offer and suggest. The truth is, as long as you know how to carry yourself and what you are wearing, you are bound to make anything look like a million bucks.

Another popular trend though is the addition of wool and silk to the fabric range of suits with leading designers such as Cameron Ross. These suits are not only extremely comfortable, they also give some of the best fitting that you have ever experienced, so in case you wish to attract attention no less than your gorgeous bride, go for one of these. Sure they’ll cost you a particular sum, but from the fashion point of view, this is one investment worth making because you can keep using these luxurious suits even after the wedding for various different occasions and there is no compulsion of only keeping it to the wedding functions.

It is also important to know that this year, all designers are trying to focus on giving suits a rather slimmer look, and this too looks great, so be very careful about the cuts while choosing the perfect suit.

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Tailcoat by Cameron Ross

Tailcoat by Cameron Ross

Wedding Menswear by Cameron Ross

Wedding Menswear by Cameron Ross

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