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Bridal Shoes trends for 2011

8 April 2011 No Comment

To all the ladies who end up neglecting the importance of the perfect pair of shoes in all the hassle surrounding the selection of the perfect dress for the big down, slow down and take a moment to realize the importance of the ideal footwear for the big day. There is a reason why people emphasize so much on the phrase that says that a bride is supposed to look and feel perfect head to toe on her big day. This goes to show that the shoes hold as much importance in the overall look as the hair, makeup and dress does. So before you leave the shoes for the last minute try and catch up with all the latest trends in bridal footwear in the season by top designers and fashion experts in order to know exactly what you are looking for when you go show shopping for the big day. This little search might also prove extremely useful in case you are going to purchase a designer creation; you will know exactly which one to go to and where to find them. This article will guide you on all the latest trends in bridal footwear.

All over the ramp and in catwalks of all bridal shows this season, there is one thing that has been common, and that is the return of the short, point shoes that go perfectly with all wedding gown and dress types. These shoes not only look extremely elegant but also have this whole feminine feel about them that nothing else can even match. These shoes have been part of nearly all bridal fashion shows for the year which gives you a clear direction as to what kind of shows you should go for.

Another line of shoes that has been rocking the ramps all over the world at bridal fashion shoes are glittery looking shoes with delicate stone embellishments making them look extremely gorgeous and feminine. These are the perfect shoes in case you are going for a classic, long length bridal dress, and will also look great with just about any kind of dress. The variety when it comes to these particular shoes is massive and you can go over the collection by all leading shoe designers all over the world to find different designs in these beautiful shoes. You also have the option of matching the stones and embellishments with your dress which gives the perfect look.

You can even go for shoes that have floral detailing done on them. These shoes have also been part of many bridal fashion shows this season and look very pretty with bridal dresses and gowns.

The most important thing to remember while choosing your wedding shoes is that, just because it looks great doesn’t mean it is the perfect one for you. This is because you will be required to wear these shoes all day long and the first thing that you need to be looking for in the pair is comfort. There are two things that must go hand in hand in your choice of shoes and these two elements are: looks and comfort.

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bridal shoes Christian Louboutin

bridal shoes Christian Louboutin


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