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Planning a Royal Wedding, How To Do It.

11 April 2011 One Comment
Just because you can’t have your wedding in Westminster Abbey, that doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t just as royal as Prince Williams. Most girls have dreamed about their wedding day since they were little. Of course most of these dreams involved a prince charming and a white horse, but your wedding day should be special, there’s no doubt about that.

When planning your own royal wedding there are some things to consider. The first place to start is to decide where you want to get married. A castle of course would be the perfect location, but if you can’t get one of those then look for an upscale hotel, that will give you that royal feeling.

Wedding invites

When sending out your invites you should go all out and make them look as spectacular as possible. They can be engraved for effect, you can also get handmade paper and hand calligraphy to make it that much more special. If you really want to get fancy you can use a wax seal for the envelope. Include the wedding program with the invite. The invite should include both you and your partners full names, possibly parents names.

Entrance is everything

It’s important to make a grand entrance in order to wow your guests at your royal wedding. Maybe you can get the groomsmen to be trumpeters heralding your entry and walking ahead of you down the aisle. Or you could hire a horse drawn carriage to enter like a princess.

If you’re going for the whole royal wedding theme you should choose a traditional wedding dress. Silk and brocade work well for this. If you have a long train it can be carried by flowers girls. (If you have any) Of course as a princess you need a tiara. Don’t make your jewelry too overstated if the gown itself is already quite elaborate. Brides maids gowns can be in satin or maybe velvet, with elbow length gloves.

Setting the mood

Making sure that the reception hall is properly decorated is important. It can be draped in fabrics with the tables decorated with candles or ice sculptures. You could even have candelabra on the tables for the reception.

Cover the chairs in fabrics as well. Get a string quartet or pianist to play during the meal to get things in full swing. Make sure the waiters come round to refill the champagne glasses every so often.

Since you want your wedding to be over the top, your cake should be the same way. It can be elegant and delicate, and completely white of course. Serve the cake on silver platters.

Royal first dance

You might want to take some ballroom dancing lessons before the day of your wedding, to really take it to the next level.

Grand departure

You had a grand entry and therefore must also make a grand exit. Perhaps you can leave in the horse drawn carriage. Or ride away on horseback.

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royal wedding stamp

royal wedding stamp


Lady Diana Wedding Gown

Lady Diana Wedding Gown

Prince William & Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Invitation

Prince William & Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Invitation

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

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