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Choose The Best Wedding Cake For Your Big Day

16 April 2011 No Comment

There are actually some people out there who will tell you that getting the right wedding cake is not an important factor in the wedding day.  I would say that getting the best wedding cake is equally important to getting the right wedding dress.  If your cake doesn’t taste as good as it looks, then your sweetest day could leave a sour taste.  In the minutes that you will spend reading this article, it should give you an insight into the factors you should be considering when you order the Wedding Cake.

There is always the option of the traditional white wedding cake smothered in sugary frosting, but those cakes do tend to have the looks but not the taste.  What you really want is a cake that does match its looks with a great taste.

 With so many more options available for modern wedding cakes than there was in the past, you can look at chocolate, fruitcakes, ice cream desserts and cheesecakes, because it is your wedding so you should have a cake that is perfectly matched to you.

 Here are some suggestions that may inspire you:

 If you choose a multi-tiered cake, then you can put a different type of cake on the different layers.  A traditional fruitcake for those who prefer those cakes, whilst a layer of chocolate cake for those who have a sweeter tooth, and maybe even a layer for someone who might have a food intolerance.

  • Whilst traditional wedding cakes have tended to be single layers, at least in each tier, why not consider having a filling within the cake.  Chocolate cream, fruits or preserves can liven up a dull cake, or maybe you could also consider covering the cake in chocolate rather than using the traditional frosting.
  • You don’t even have to go with the usual shape for a wedding cake.  Whilst the traditional round cake will serve well enough for a wedding, you might prefer a tiered cake looking like a pile of presents, all decorated with bows and ribbons.  You could even have a cake shaped to match your interests, or have one looking like a fairytale castle.
  • To add a stylish touch to your wedding, once you’ve planned your wedding dress and the flower theme, then advise your baker so that the cake can have iced flowers and decorations to match the rest of the wedding.
  • Instead of topping the cake with the traditional plastic bride and groom model, consider using china or glass, or even an artistic figurine to be at the top of your cake.  These figurines will then become a wonderful keepsake of your wedding.

If you’ve tried for a long time to find a compromise, then you could have a groom’s cake as well as the main wedding cake, with different flavours for each one.

This is meant to be your big day, so don’t be afraid of requesting what you actually want from your wedding cake.

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Wedding Cake by Bakingart

Wedding Cake by Bakingart


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Wedding Cake by Wildflowers

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