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Planning your Wedding abroad

23 May 2011 No Comment

Wedding planning, is both extremely fun and also extremely stressful. But careful planning and research as well as hiring the right people to cater for you, can make everything run more smoothly.

British weather is as we all know, highly unpredictable. It can go from rain to sun to snow in just a matter of days. It’s hard to know how to dress when you get up in the morning as the weather could turn on you in minute. This doesn’t matter too much on regular work days, but on the day of your wedding the last thing you want is pouring rain or snow, especially if you want to do an outdoor wedding.

Bride In Rome

Bride In Rome

In the UK it’s more advisable to plan your wedding for the warmer months, even if this doesn’t eliminate the risks at least there will be less chance that your guests will get frost bite. May until August are usually good months to plan your wedding for. Rain is always lurking but at least you’ll have a fighting chance. Venues in these ideal months are often booked years in advance which can cause some distress to people trying to plan a short notice wedding.

Because of this many couples have decided to get married outside of the UK. There are some great destinations like Italy, Cyprus or Greece that aren’t too far away, but still far enough from the rain and cold to be guaranteed a warm sunny day for your event. Some of these countries, aside from having lovely weather, also have some amazing locations where you can plan your wedding.

Wedding in Sorrento

Wedding in Sorrento

For example, you could get married in a monastery in Sorrento Italy, or near to the old ruin in Pathos, Cyprus. Prices are also likely to be a lot lower in these countries, compared to the UK. This will enable you to plan a wonderful wedding for half the price.

Some travel agencies also offer weddings in different countries now. Thomas Cook for example offers weddings in many different countries, some as far away as Fiji. Virgin also does weddings abroad, in places like America. If prefer to stay in Europe though, First Choice specializes in European weddings.

A Mauritius Wedding at Beachcomber’s Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa by Beachcomber Tours

A Mauritius Wedding at Beachcomber’s Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa by Beachcomber Tours

When you go on your honeymoon, you just want to be along with your new spouse, and being in a new country could make it all the more fun and exciting, you’ll also avoid bumping into people you know which gives you more of feeling of privacy. So it’s worth checking out your local travel agency and the internet to see what kind of offers they have along these lines. You shouldn’t bother with changing your passport names and all that, until you get back from your wedding and honeymoon, unless of course your passport is expiring soon.

Everyone wants their own wedding to be different than others. So finding the perfect location will help you get a very personal venue that reflects your tastes. Planning a wedding abroad will take some of the stress out of the planning, as you won’t have to worry about unreliable weather conditions.

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