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The Best Bridal Hairstyles for 2012

11 October 2011 No Comment

Getting married? Want to look fabulous and up to date with the latest 2012 hairstyle on your big day? Don’t worry we will give you all the information you need to make a decision regarding your hairstyle on your wedding day.

As a new bride to be, you have so much to think of; location, wedding dress, guest lists, flowers and so much more. Something that tends to slip many brides’ minds till the last minute tends to be the hairstyle. But forgetting this point, means that you may end up with a hurried do, that you don’t especially like or feel comfortable with.

Bridal hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle

But checking on the latest trends, you will be able to plan your hair style way in advance, based on what is fashionable and also what will suit you personally.

For 2012 the trends are very much along the lines of ensuring your hair matches your dress. So be sure to pick your wedding dress first. Then you will be able to decide on the perfect hair style to match it. If you are going classic with a princess dress and long train, you will want a classic hairstyle, whereas if the dress you choose is more edgy and modern, your hair style should say the same thing.

One very trendy look for 2012 is having the hair done up, but with some pieces of hair falling down. For example, the hair could be gathered back into a bun while from the sides pieces of curled hair are escaping, giving the bride a playful and cute look while still looking like she has put some considerable effort into the look.

Make sure that whichever hair style you choose won’t be bothering you throughout the day. While you want to have some pieces of hair falling out, you don’t want them to be in your face and covering your eyes throughout the ceremony. It is a good idea to practice the hair style with your stylist at least once before the wedding, to get it just right and find the way you like it so that you won’t have to go through any struggles on the day itself.

Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle

If you have short hair, a trend for 2012 is to leave it loose and have it curled, or even partially braided. It is easy to find some examples of these styles online so you can get a better idea of what you want. If you have short hair but always wanted to have it put up in an elaborate hair do, then an option for you would be to get hair extensions.

Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle

These can be attached either by being sewn on, or they can simply be stuck to the ends of the hair you already have. If you want to do this, it is better to get the extensions attached before the day itself as it is a time consuming process and on your wedding day you don’t want to feel rushed. Doing it before the day will also give you time to adjust to the extensions and also to see if there are any flaws which need to be remedies before the big day.

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