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Pippa Middleton: a party organiser or a socialite?

7 December 2011 No Comment

Philippa Charlotte “Pippa” Middleton or better known as Pippa Middleton was born on 6 September 1983 and is the sibling of Catherine, the current Duchess of Cambridge. She had the honor of being the maid of honor at the last royal wedding of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton.  She was born in the Middleton family with two other siblings.

Pippa Middeton a socialite

Pippa Middeton a socialite

After the royal wedding which was announced on 16 November 2010, she was confirmed as the maid of honor on St. Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2011. On the wedding day, Pippa Middleton was seen wearing a beautiful white dress which was designed by Sarah Burton who had the honor of designing the Catherine’s, the bride’s dress as well. This dress of hers was fabricated out of ivory crape fabric and was stylized by a cowl in the front and a organza –enclosed buttons at the back.  

Both the Middleton sisters are nicknamed the “Wisteria sisters” or social climbers. Pippa Middleton is considered quite a socialite and has been famous for attending high-profile parties and engagements. It was rumored that the Duchess, before her wedding, was envious of her sister’s social image and always thought that she would surpass her in the society.

Pippa has been known to socialize with all the A-listers of London and has acquaintances with big names such as Rod Steward and people like Trudy Styler who is the famous singer Sting’s wife. In 2008, Pippa Middleton was also voted as the most eligible bachelorette in a British magazine. 

Paparazzi were quite anxious in waiting to find out whether Pippa would be given the honor of her sister Kate’s lady-in-waiting. This title basically refers to the personal assistant to the Princess or the Queen. The media highlights the fact that in reference to Pippa’s social standing, not just as a party organizer, but due to her avid socialite status, she surpasses the qualification and the criteria for the job.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

The job of the lady-in-waiting is anointed to a close friend or a relative. The duties attached to the post include organizing ad handling the Princess or the Queen’s correspondences and also accompanying her to all the Royal engagements, parties and Royal tours.

Apart from her socialite status and media coverage, Pippa’s love life has also come into the limelight. The Tatler magazine recognized her as the No. 1 Society Singleton the defeating the auspicious musician James Blunt and Princess Eugenie the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Alex Loudon, who is Pippa’s ex, was an old friend of Prince William, starting dating Pippa Middleton before Christmas and was the couple was rumored to be together at the royal wedding.

Pippa and Kate Middleton

Pippa and Kate Middleton

Although now it is a common lore that the couple has broken up, Pippa Middleton has now started fancying the Spaniard George Percy who is also the Duke of Northumberland and is enlisted in one of Britain’s richest men. She has been seen on several occasions with Percy over the months. Pippa now works for him in his geothermal energy company.

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