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Clothes Fashion and Wedding Theme Fashions go hand in hand

13 August 2009 No Comment

It is not strange that clothes fashion and wedding fashions and themes run alongside each other.  Just have a flick through Vogue to see what’s hot!  The Favour Gallery can help you to carry these fashions through to your wedding day.  Here are some ideas for you.

giglio velo Nautical This is so “in” this year. The shops are adorned with anchors and blue and white stripes.  Now we are not telling you to ask your bridesmaids to wear deck shoes but your tables can show off these colours perfectly.  The following favours look absolutely stunning in any of the blues we have on offer.

Petunia Romatica (shown in the gallery in Bordo) has two layers of sugared almond or chocolate dragee petals.  The bottom layer looks absolutely stunning in blue and can be finished off with a satin blue flower centre.

Shown in blue in the Flowers collection is “Magica”.  This favour is very delicate and at only £3.40 each – they are an excellent price too.

Giglio Velo looks wonderful in blue.  For the best effect it is better to give a favour to male and female guests (most of our customers do anyway.. and men do not get offended – their partners love to have two of these long stemmed favours to pop into a vase when they get home).  They are absolutely wonderful when set across each guests plate with the flower towards the edge of the table, so it’s the first thing your guest notices when they sit.

A previous customer displayed Calla a Tre, some in blue, some in white, as table centres in tall, elegant glass vases, filled with glass pebbles.

Black and White These colours are never out.  We do not do a black – but our “Blu Notte” or “Night Blue” is almost almost black.  It is difficult to tell the difference.  Just drop us a line to order your swatch.  Especially great in Blu Notte are Orchidea Segna Posto, Giglio Velo, Calla a Tre and Narciso Velo. They are all pictured in The Favour Gallery Store.  Also consider Petunia, with a white centre or Tucano, this could have a Blu Notte Flower and White Leaves if required.  This option would only be available if you give us a call. Please visit our store online.

White Have you noticed that suddenly there are lots of white cars around? Maybe derived from the fashion accessory, the white ipod?   All of our favours are available in white.  It is such an elegant look. Table centres of beautiful white roses and silver bear-grass, crisp white tablecloths, sparkling crystal glasses and then a white flower favour at every place setting.  Particularly nice in white are Bouquet Semina Velo, Calla Raso Mignon, Rametto Romantica Piccola and Giglio Velo. It is such a nice idea that the favours are only noticed when your guests sit down and then have a surprise as they find them at their seat.

Go Bright! – Fashion houses such as ETRO have gone bright bright bright!  This look can be achieved by ordering favours in these four Bluette, Giallo Chiaro, Verde Mela and Rosso. Keep your tables white apart from table centres in the same colours and with favours such as Tucano, Ortensia, Fior di Loto, Sachetto Juta Giallo or Sachetto Raso Fiocco Arancione.  Another wacky idea would be the Grapes “Grappolo Uva Velo a 6” in these four different colours.  Alternating the different colours around each table.  This favour hangs from a wine glass if you wish and would be the talk of your wedding!

Sugar Pink and Powder Blue – Order any of our favours in “Celeste” (Baby Blue) or Rosa (Baby Pink)

Safari Chic – Order your favours in “Verde Marcio”for the Khaki look.

Don’t forget to visit our store.  The joy of our favours is that they are all handmade so we can be flexible with colours etc.

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