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A peek in the 30th birthday party of Kate Middleton

20 March 2012 No Comment
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, celebrated her 30th birthday on the 9th of January.  There was much hype about how the event would take place, and the media was trying as hard as it could to get insider information on the 30th birthday of this newly married royal.
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

The birthday celebration planning was all under the charge of Kate’s sister Pippa and her brother-in-law Prince Harry. Having a well connected brother-in-law and a party animal sister is surely a recipe for a fun filled celebration to take on the 4th decade of her life.

The theme of the birthday was said to be an eighties theme, according to previous media discoveries. Karaoke and cocktails were said to be a part of the birthday party as well.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The day before her birthday, the duchess was scheduled to make a movie premier appearance with her royal prince. Attending a charity dinner was also on the list, after which the duchess was free to celebrate her birthday much like the old times, before she and Prince William got married.

The planning of this birthday party had apparently been taking place for months now! The guests weren’t given exact details to the party. They were given save the date invitation cards for the birthday and were told that it was most likely that the celebrations would take place in London. But the party did not go exactly as planned because Kate apparently settled for something more homely and quiet and decided to celebrate her 30th birthday with those whom she was most close to.

According to official reports from the palace, the duchess had celebrated her birthday with her close family and friends rather quietly. There was a dinner which was served in a private quarters near Kensington Palace.

The 3 british Royal Eras

The 3 british Royal Eras

The meal was a multi course one and it was prepared by one of the duchess’s favorite chefs. Though there is no official list of the presents that Kate Middleton received on her birthday, there is however a list of presents which she had received last year and while on tours. Among many gift items, an iPad, CD’s, clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, wine etc made it to the list.

There was also a lot of hype about what Kate Middleton would be gifted by her husband, Prince William. According to a number of reports, Prince William had Kate’s first oil portrait commissioned and other reports also stated that he would be gifting her a watch on her 30th birthday. The Queen is reported to have gifted her tiara from the royal collection of tiaras in the family.

Though this birthday has gone by, most people have their hopes up for Kate to celebrate her 31st birthday next year and also bring an heir to the throne. Though nothing as such seems to be on the cards yet, people are looking forward to seeing this royal couple getting on with their lives and living their happily ever after!

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