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[22 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
Prom Gowns, an all year party wear

Prom gowns are by far some of the best and most preferred among women of all ages for big occasions. Whether it is prom night or a wedding, these dresses have always been in vogue and always will be because they are here to stay. There is such a huge variety to choose from, made to suit all body types that there is something for just about everyone. The main purpose of a prom gown is to make a girl look more feminine and elegant at the same time. It is for this reason that prom gowns are best for all formal occasions and can make you look like the show stopper if you choose the perfect one for your body type.

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[12 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
The perfect Bridal Make Up: new trends for 2011

You were wrong if you thought only the dresses have anything to do with the latest trends and changes, because just about everything, that is, the whole look of a bride and even the groom at the wedding has to follow the current trends and what is new and latest in fashion. This means that your dress, your make up, your shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and everything has to be up to date. This is only possible if you can follow the latest trends set by all designers associated to the wedding and bridal couture industry and can be easily found all over the web. This article will guide you on the latest trends in terms of make up for the recent year of 2011.

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[3 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
Bridal Lingerie: new trends for 2011

There are some people who lay greater emphasis on the choice of under garments for the bride’s big day than the wedding dress itself and in a million ways, they are not wrong to do so. Bridal underwear, just like everything else keeps changing with the changing fashion and trends, which is why it is extremely important to first look through the newest trends in order to make the best selection for the big day and night. It is after all a whole new beginning to a whole new life with the one you love; wouldn’t you want everything to be just perfect? Here is a guide to the latest trends in bridal underwear this year for you to follow in case you are getting married some time soon.

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[31 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]
The latest trends in Bridegroom menswear for 2011

Who said that only the bride has to fret about being in step with the current bridal trends when planning her wedding and selecting the perfect dress? It is equally important from a bridegroom to look the part, and that is only possible if he follows the advice of the fashion gurus in the field. Styles come and go out of fashion and yet there are certain elements that will always stay in vogue no matter what. Therefore it is important to look through all the current trends in bridal fashion and to keep yourself updated in case you are planning to tie the knot some time soon. Gone are the days when all eyes would be glued only on the stunning bride, these days equal attention is paid to the groom as well, in terms of just about everything that he chooses to wear on the big day.

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[8 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
The wedding fashion colour for Autumn Winter 2010-2011 is Purple

The trend on colours in fashion this Autumn-Winter 2010 for weddings is all towards deep purple.
We have just seen the most beautiful advertisement from kelseyrose.co.uk showcasing the most beautiful shades of Purples, Pinks and Aubergines.  Purple still seems to be a popular colour theme choice for 2010-2011 brides with top designers also going into the new season with this colour palette.  Mix Purples with shades of Antique Rose and Dusty Pinks for a really stunning combination. Purple is stunning against the ivory of the wedding dress and for example you …